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Kissan Support Services (Pvt) Limited (KSSL), is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL). requires service for the position of “Chief Financial Officer on Contract Basis for 03x Years (Extendable) in the salary band of Senior Manager at Islamabad:-

Chief Financial Officer job in Islamabad

oin Kissan Support Services in Islamabad as a CFO. Elevate your career with this prestigious role. Apply today for top opportunities

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Job Location
Head HR Department KSSL, Room No. 1114, ZTBL, Head Office
Postal Code
Country ISO Code
Region ISO Code
Currency ISO Code
Job Meta
Employment Type
Full Time
Valid Through
June 5, 2024


Qualification/ Experience:
i. ACMA/ACCA/CA qualified and member of a recognized body of professional accountants with at least five years. relevant experience, or
ii. Master’s Degree in Finance/Accounting from a recognized University, having at least ten years of relevant experience. ii. Applicant having completed Articles from a reputed Chartered Accountant Firm will be given preference.
Age: Maximum 50 years on closing date of application. Salary: Negotiable
All interested candidates may visit our website for further information and to apply for the position by June 05, 2024.

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About Kissan Support Services (Pvt) Limited

Kissan Support Services (Pvt) Limited (KSSL), a prominent subsidiary of ZTBL, offers comprehensive support services across agriculture, finance, and administration. Established to boost productivity and efficiency in the agricultural sector, KSSL is vital in supporting farmers and agribusinesses throughout Pakistan.

The Importance of the CFO Role

A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is crucial in any organization, serving as the cornerstone of financial integrity and strategic planning. At KSSL, the CFO is more than just a financial overseer; they are a strategic partner, essential for driving business growth and maintaining fiscal responsibility.

CFO Jobs at Kissan Support Services

What does a CFO at KSSL do? The role is extensive and varied, covering financial planning, risk management, compliance, and investment strategies. A CFO at KSSL must have a deep understanding of financial principles, strong leadership capabilities, and strategic thinking skills.

Career Path for CFOs at Kissan Support Services

KSSL offers a clear and rewarding career path for CFOs. Starting from senior financial management positions, one can progress to the CFO role through demonstrated expertise and leadership. The company also provides numerous training and development programs to aid employee growth.

Work Environment and Culture

KSSL’s work culture is collaborative and supportive, emphasizing innovation, teamwork, and integrity. Employees enjoy a balanced work-life dynamic, with numerous benefits aimed at enhancing their professional and personal well-being.

Compensation and Benefits

CFO compensation at KSSL is competitive, reflecting the high responsibility and expertise required. In addition to a lucrative salary, CFOs receive various perks, including health benefits, retirement plans, and performance bonuses.

Application Process

Applying for a CFO position at KSSL is straightforward. Candidates should prepare a detailed resume highlighting their experience and qualifications, along with a well-crafted cover letter explaining why they are an ideal fit for the role.

Interview Process

KSSL’s interview process is thorough, designed to identify candidates with the necessary technical skills and alignment with the company’s values and culture. Candidates can expect questions on financial management, strategic planning, and leadership during the interview.


In conclusion, CFO jobs at Kissan Support Services (Pvt) Limited offer a rewarding career path filled with opportunities for growth and development. If you’re ready to take on a leadership role and contribute to the agricultural sector’s success, KSSL is the place for you. Apply today and become a part of a dynamic and forward-thinking team.


What is the average salary for a CFO at Kissan Support Services?

The average salary for a CFO at Kissan Support Services is competitive and includes various benefits and performance-based incentives.

What qualifications are necessary to become a CFO at Kissan Support Services?

A strong background in finance, accounting, or a related field is essential. Additionally, significant experience in financial management and strategic planning is required.

How does Kissan Support Services support the professional development of its CFOs?

KSSL offers numerous training and development programs, encouraging continuous learning and professional growth. CFOs are also supported in pursuing further education and certifications.

What are the main challenges faced by CFOs at Kissan Support Services?

CFOs at KSSL face challenges such as managing financial risks, ensuring regulatory compliance, and strategic planning. However, the company provides robust support to help overcome these challenges.

How can I apply for a CFO position at Kissan Support Services?

Interested candidates can apply by submitting a detailed resume and cover letter outlining their qualifications and experience. The application process is designed to identify the best fit for the role.

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